General Questions

Why choose Ecolivbags?

Ecolivbags are manufactured in way not to harm environment, provide a clean, safe and Eco-friendly alternative in bag products. With fair trade policies. “One step to save our environment”

Why should we use Eco-friendly bags?

Help the environment by reusing your recycled bag to save energy. Every time you use your recycled bag, instead of a single use plastic bags. “Less plastic in landfills, polluting the planet and use energy to create them”.

Where are Ecolivbags manufactured or produced?

Ecolivbags are manufactured in India following the fair trade policy. Printed in India or UK depending on the orders and customization

What are Ecolivbags made of?

Ecolivbags are manufactured using Cotton, Jute or Canvas based on orders

What is the order process?

After you contact us via email or phone, we discuss your order interest in broad strokes. Bag features, quantity, artwork, either provided by you or created by our design department. Once the overall bag design is approved by you, complete specifications are sent to our manufacturing unit, where your bag is printed and sewn. Checking for any errors, and then your order is shipped and delivered safely to your door where fair trade policies are strictly followed.

Customizable questions

Can I customize the bags?

Yes of course! This is what makes Ecolivbags bags so great – EVERYTHING is customizable, from the artwork, size, colour, special added features or logo for your company

Can I customize the dimension of my bags?

Yes! You can customize the size of any style of bag

Do you have different size or style?

Yes! We provide different style or size with printed or plain bags. Customization are made.

What is the lead time?

Usually, we deliver bulk orders in 4-6 weeks. It all depends on the order quantity, materials, features you specify.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity?

The minimum order quantity for our bags depends on material, features and artwork you specify. In general, orders start at 1,000 bags but, in certain circumstances, we can do smaller runs. Please contact us for more details.