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Looking for a stylish and reusable bag that is ethically-sourced? Eco-friendly printed bags from Ecoliv bags are exactly what you need. Design Your ECO_FRIENDLY Bags Today.

Ecoliv bags is a leading reusable Eco-friendly bags manufacturer in India & Exporter of 100% Eco-friendly bags like Jute bags, Cotton bags, Canvas bags, Shopping bags, Promotional bags, and Jute Cotton Bags using natural & eco-friendly fibers such as Jute, Cotton, Juco, Linen or Canvas with fair trade policies to give our customer the premium quality products. Quality is our first priority so we use the best quality biodegradable raw materials to manufacture premium quality products with the latest fashion trends. We supply over a large number of bags including the lightweight 5oz bags to the slightly heavier 8oz-12oz bags. We are a manufacturer and can customize your products also custom print them with your logo and with your design.

Since we are a manufacturer so we are able to provide the best prices as well as better services to our clients. Have any of our stock cotton bags and canvas bags printed with your logo or design within 3-4 weeks for bulk orders! We’ve worked hard to source our bags, without compromising our ethical values. The company also has the high potential to produce Cotton bags, Jute bags, Cotton Tote Bags, Promotional Jute Bags, Jute Shopping Bags, Jute Beach Bags, Jute Wine bags, Jute Gift Bags, Cotton Drawstring Bags & many more. From good quality packaging to everyday shopping, our recycled jute bags and canvas bags are preferred choice of the conscientious customer.

Your logo or slogan is sure to catch attention from people as your clients walk down the street with these personalized products as your clients walk down with these products. At Ecoliv bags, we have a dedicated designing team that can help you in customizing any kind of jute bags and cotton bags as per your requirements. We can print your logo or design in your bags to promote your brand. You can also choose from a wide selection of colors, sizes, shapes, fabrics quality and fabrics type. We carry a large variety of bags that appeal to a broad spectrum of users.

We are a professionally trained company that believes customer satisfaction is the key to success. This is very important to grow a company. We are committed to providing better products as well as services to our clients. This is possible only if we can provide premium quality products at a reasonable price. You are welcome to try a variety of our products to catch up if they are suitable for your business. We would be happy to hear from you! So if you think we can do something better, please let us get in touch.

Why choose eco-friendly bags?

Creating an Eco-friendly environment is actually a lot easier than what a lot of us may think. Let’s start today, we carry bags everywhere we go for shopping or may it be for daily use. At Ecoliv bags we manufacture Eco-friendly, all-natural products ensure safety from all dangerous chemicals and allows families to avoid risky additives that can cause any of these issues.

Reusable shopping bags are better than plastic bags. Ecoliv bags are manufactured to prevent environmental pollution. Materials used to manufacture these bags, do not harm the quality of our surroundings. The bags are generally made of materials such as jute, cloth, and canvas or organic cotton. The reusable bags are hygienic and easily washable products can be used for various purposes. Eco-friendly Ecoliv bags are produced with strong natural materials. Lightweight bags are biodegradable and non-disposable. Such cotton promotional bags are easily affordable and accessible in several different colors, sizes, designs, shapes, and styles.